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Sino Regal - Commodities

Sino Regal has well established connections with major international buyers, and mines in Australia, North and South America, for gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead and iron ore/concentrates, bauxite, gold and silver bullion.  Our buyers and suppliers include major international group companies including China National Non-Ferrous Import & Export Corporation and China Minmetals Corporation, Aluminium Corporation of China, groups listed in the US and Hong Kong stock exchanges, and some of the biggest smelters groups in China and the world.  Our clients have capacity to ship tens of thousands of tonnes per month of high grade gold  and silver, copper, and iron, ore & concentrates, bauxite, etc on a long term basis, and buy and sell gold and silver bullion in large volumes.

We operate with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, ensuring all parties concerned are satisfied, pleasant and profitable long term relationships are established between the buyers and sellers.  We assist and provide advice in the ongoing management and documentation of transactions, and in the management of buyer and seller relationships.

We also arrange private equity and project finance for mining projects.